AXIS 200-VU - Dual Valve Pre

The AXIS 200VU high performance Valve Microphone Preamplifier has been designed to give the Professional and Home recording Engineer a High Quality Valve Microphone and Direct Input Preamplifier at a reasonable cost.Great care has been taken in circuit layout and design to create not only an accurate and transperent sonic tool but one that can also overdrive with symmetry and subtly dynamically control or ‘compress’ the input signal in a manner which is musical and close to the operation of the human ear.

As is common knowledge , Valves are distinctly different to Transistors and Intergrated Circuits in the sense that they have a unique operating region that does not terminate in an abrupt brick wall as Solid State Technology does.It is in this region that the valve expresses most of its harmonic qualities.Operating in a clean or transperent manner is also possible when the gain of the valve is dialed right back and degress of negative feedback are introduced to increase linearity and bandwidth.

The AXIS 200VU presents you with not only a practical and neutral audio amplifying device but one that can provide an enhancement of the audio signal only achieved through equipment costing many thousands of dollars more.Standing on the shoulders of the VMP series , the AXIS preamp provides yet another sonic pallet for the engineer or producer who endevours to turn the recording process into an artform. There are no chips in the audio path which means , above all else , the unit is very difficult to damage with an incorrect interface. Chips , or intergrated circuits , are often a weak point in consumer-level hybrid valve designs because they fail easily when overloaded.This is not the case with the AXIS preamp , being a true valve design , it is free of such failings and is ruggedly dependable.


Maximum gain (mic input) : +68 db

Maximum gain (direct input) : +62 db

Maximum input (mic input) : +6 dbu

Maximum input (direct input) : +12 dbu

Maximum output : +30 dbu

Frequency Response : 20hz to 90khz +/- 2db

Weight : 4.5kg

Dimensions : 482mm x 190mm x 88m

Power : Externally switchable 110/120/220/240 VAC for global useage.

Build : Chassis is 1.2mm mild steel powder coated 'Textured Black'. Front Panel is 2.5mm mild steel. Single sided printed circuit boards.

Topology : Topology is all discrete and Class A Valve and Solid State signal path running on +300V and +60V rails respectively.

Circuitry : Class A Discrete and low noise. Dual Triode 12AT7/ecc81 and High Voltage Silicon Transistors.