"The level of detail is astounding and the ability to really drive the units into a pleasant overdrive is a plus . Excellent choices at an extremely workable price."
- Manny Grossman (New York, USA)

"The last year artists with a combined total of around 13 million albums sold have all recorded thru my quad that you guys sent me...major label artists."
- Monty Powell Nashville producer

"I Love the damm thing!!!   I've used it on vocals, acoustic guitars, drums ...with Ribbon mics, tube condensers,

FET condensers and dynamic mics and haven't been able to make it not sound great..."

- Fletcher from Mercenary Audio

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Sebatron Audio is a leading provider of professional audio equipment for music production and sound engineering. With a passion for delivering exceptional quality, we carefully curate our product selection to meet the diverse needs of music professionals. Our team is committed to providing superior customer service and expert guidance to help our clients find the perfect gear for their projects.