Sebatron SPIDER EQ released 

We are very pleased to announce another new model to our lineup !

The Sebatron Spider Two Channel Transformerless Valve EQ .

The Sebatron Spider is a two channel valve equalizer designed to be used for tracking, mixing or mastering purposes. Each channel features four bands of active equalization with selectable frequencies that cover the musical/audio spectrum. Frequencies and equalization curves have been configured to compliment digital in the box processing and the Spider gives you added magic by the softening effect of the valves as they process the signal.
The wide range of subtle nuances that can be achieved with the Spider Equalizer is truly impressive.

By carefully adjusting the levels and frequency points the Spider EQ can bring crystal clear highs and full bodied lows to your mixes as well as reducing any unwanted upper mid harshness or lower mid mudiness.

Frequencies can be manipulated with ease and without any unwanted signal artifacts that often colour traditional transformer based designs. The Spider EQ is tight and accurate and also features some slight interaction between the bands that pushes and focuses areas of the audio spectrum to improve musical clarity and depth.

All circuitry is Class A and discrete. Valves run off a proper +300V supply rail which results in low distortion and low noise floor. Frequency response is full range from extreme earthquake lows to sweet stratospheric highs.

Quality components are used throughout and the Spider EQ has a solid build you could visit the Titanic with.

The new Sebatron Spider EQ is in stock and available now !