VMPDualPlus - Dual Pre

The VMPDualPlus is a high quality two channel high voltage Valve Microphone Preamplifier and Direct Input with a basic passive two band shelving Equalizer on each channel. As its name suggests the VMPDualPlus is a part of the Sebatron VMP series of Valve Microphone Preamplifiers.

Like its four channel counterpart, the VMPQuadPlus, the VMPDualPlus is based around a transformer-coupled microphone input and 12AT7 valve triode combination running on a proper high tension voltage rail. All circuitry is fully discrete and completely Class A. There are no intergrated circuits or chips used in the design. This has the benefits of wide sonic bandwidth for maximum audio frequency response and extra headroom to ensure the dynamics of the signal remain intact.

Gain is adjusted via a six way Pad/Gain selector switch that controls negative feedback around the first stage of the 12AT7 Valve. Gain steps are evenly placed at 6db apart making the settings effective and easy to recall. The adjustable gain range in conjunction with the pre-amp out control makes it possible to use the preamp on virtually all sources from the very quiet to the very loud. The VMPDualPlus handles all microphone types - Ribbon, Dynamic and Condenser - with ease.

To sweeten signals the VMPDualPlus passive two band Equalizer is extremely effective and an indispensable tool for sound manipulation. The high frequency boost settings add clarity and sparkle to material which would otherwise sound harsh or unnatural when boosted with conventional digital EQ. The low frequency boost settings add body and depth to thin signals in a buttery manner that embellishes the signal by adding a distinct classic character.

Both bands have been configured to bring out the best in Valve colouration by their chosen frequencies.


Gain: 70db per channel
Frequency response: 20hz-110khz +/- 3db 'air' on
Mic input impedance: 1K ohm
Direct Input impedance: 1M ohm
Maximum input: +10dbu mic ,+16dbu direct
Maximum output level : +30dbu
Noise (EIN): -126db
Mains power input:~110/120 or ~220/240
Current : 0.8a ~220/240 or 1.6a ~110/120
Dimensions: 482mmX190mmX89mm (W-D-H)
Weight: Approx. 6kg.